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Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A multidisciplinary approach

Impactful innovation programs require a diverse skillset beyond the capabilities of traditional academic departmental teaching models. Teaching successful medical technology innovation to students is optimized through an immersive experience in the relevant clinical, engineering, business and legal disciplines. This interdisciplinary model is conceptually sound but difficult to implement. At the University of Utah we have created a benchmark graduate program in medical technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Faculty from bioengineering and medicine created a Master of Bioengineering Graduate track called BioInnovate. co-designed and co-taught by engineering and physicians with the assistance of Business and Law faculty who provide core content and track electives in entrepreneurship and intellectual property. Our program is composed of medical students, surgical residents, engineering students and MBA students. Based on standardized survey data, our collaborative teaching program offers superior education and entrepreneurship education than traditional programs.

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