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Cameron C. Jones

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Cameron Jones received his bachelor’s of engineering from Vanderbilt University and his doctorate from the University of Kentucky, both in biomedical engineering. Concurrent with his graduate studies, he held lead engineering roles with two local medtech startups, generated numerous patent applications from his research, and worked closely with tech transfer offices in evaluating new disclosures from the university’s healthcare system for patentability and commercialization potential. His area of expertise is in catheter designs and engineering, with emphasis on cardiothoracic applications. He has contributed to the development of several new products and devices. Dr. Jones has been involved in translational research studies since 2004 and has published in the fields of computer modeling, medical imaging, and cancer therapies. He is now directing efforts for the development of a catheter accessory device designed to reduce the risk of bloodstream infections, a project which originated from the JHU CBID program.