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Kunal Parikh

Johns Hopkins University

Kunal S. Parikh is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to leveraging science, policy, and (social) enterprise as tools to comprehensively improve public welfare. He is currently a National Science Foundation Fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Center for Nanomedicine and in the Biomedical Engineering Department’s Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID) where he works to develop and commercialize novel tissue engineering, drug delivery, and diagnostic solutions for translation to the patient bedside. He also serves as the Executive Director of The Social Innovation Lab, an incubator for social enterprises, where he has advised and mentored dozens of mission-driven entrepreneurs. In addition, he is a founding partner at Harbor City Partners, a firm committed to investing in companies that create jobs and contribute to economic development in the City of Baltimore. Prior to his current roles, Parikh served as the founding CEO of Core Quantum Technologies, a startup biotechnology company developing superior imaging, detection, and targeting reagents. Parikh also cofounded Dollars 4 Change, a non-profit that works to raise funding and awareness for worthy community organizations and develop the next generation of social innovators.