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Richael Young

Mammoth Trading

Richael Young is President and co-founder of Mammoth Trading. The company was born out of the founders’ vision to enable businesses to put natural resource rights to their most valuable use. Mammoth Trading develops smart platforms for exchanging resource rights within complex legal systems. Importantly, these platforms address businesses’ desires for anonymity and confidentiality, while saving them time and money.

In her start-up capacity, Richael is engaged at every level in the company: from customer relations to platform development. Richael is finishing graduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she is completing dual degrees in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Engineering. Her education has helped her to develop technical understanding of the physical and economic systems she works on today.

Mammoth Trading emerged from research funded by the National Science Foundation that led to an Innovation Corps award. As the team’s Entrepreneurial Lead, Richael had the transformative experience discovering a business model inspired by customers and stakeholders.