Gel-Fuel and The Twig Light Profile

Gel-Fuel and The Twig Light

Arizona State University

ASU is represented by two teams at this year’s event: Gel-Fuel and The Twig Light.

The Gel-Fuel team is working to create a solution to the human respiratory illnesses that result from indoor air pollution generated by solid cooking fuel. They have developed a working prototype of a clean burning Gel-Fuel stove that utilizes an ASU-built ethanol still as a source of fuel. The gelled ethanol fuel (as well as a burn chamber that can be retrofitted into existing stoves) creates a more sustainable way of life and method to combat the devastating personal and environmental health risks involved with daily indoor cooking with wood or other carbon-dense biomasses. A prototype is up and running in Domeabra, Ghana.

The Twig Light makes use of existing waste energy to produce clean electric light inside homes. The light works by applying a temperature difference across two surfaces of a thermoelectric generator. The upper section of the device is a small combustion chamber intended for burning any combustible material (e.g., twigs) and the lower section sits in a pan of water. The combustion process heats the upper chamber, establishing a temperature difference between the heated upper and cooled lower sections. This temperature difference powers the thermoelectric generator, establishing a voltage through the circuit and powering a bank of LEDs.

Daylight Solutions LLC has been created to bring The Twig Light to market; final prototypes are currently undergoing usability testing.

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