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mobiLIFE, Inc.

Boston University

The self-diagnostic diabetes industry is booming, estimated at $3 billion in 2008 with a forecast of $4 billion by 2013. For the 80 million Americans suffering from or at risk for diabetes, consistent glucose monitoring is essential to mitigating the health risks associated with unstable glucose levels. Today, there are two primary alternatives in the market: standard glucose meters employing the finger stick method and continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS). At best, these point-of-care methods are invasive, painful, and imprecise in delivering timely information for patients and healthcare providers.

This team, incorporated as mobiLIFE, is developing the GlucoReader™, a painless, Bluetooth-enabled CGMS that provides precise readings at a fraction of the cost of current methods. By connecting readings from disposable microneedle patches with smartphone applications and web-based services, mobiLIFE provides patients and healthcare providers with continuous real-time data and triggered emergency alerts, enabling primary care physicians, patients, and family members to identify potential causes of glucose changes immediately and coordinate emergency care, insulin intake, and other treatments.

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