IntelliWheels, INC.

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IntelliWheels ( is developing after-market additions to off-the-shelf wheelchairs that significantly decrease the effort it takes to propel them. Similar to the way shifting gears makes a bicycle easier to pedal, IntelliWheels makes moving a wheelchair easier by pushing the hand rims forward, backward, and opposite directions to turn while a fully contained gearing system in each wheel reduces the amount of force required from the user.
The team is developing a full line of geared systems, including the IntelliWheels AGS (three-speed Automatic Gear-Shift), the IntelliWheels MGS (three-speed Manual Gear-Shift), and the IntelliWheels EP (two-speed low-gear Easy-Push). Each of these products will be packaged as a set of wheels that retrofit to most wheelchairs, making them easier to push and helping the user to maintain independence and mobility.