Oklahoma State University

To improve the survivability of troops in combat situations, the best gear, weapons, and training are required. One piece of equipment that can come between a soldier’s life and death is body armor. But while modern body armor has advanced enough to resist bullets, Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT)--non-penetrating injuries resulting from high kinetic energy transfer--can still do serious damage to a soldier’s body. According to the United States Department of Defense, approximately 35,000 military personnel were injured in the Afghanistan and Iraq after 2001, with 20% of these due to gunshot-related injuries. A majority of the gunshot injuries were caused by BABT.

MetCel is developing a Hybrid Composite Armor (HCA), stand-alone insert that is capable of significantly reducing BABT. It is a combination of current top-of-the-line armor-grade materials and an advanced alloy honeycomb collapsible layer. Preliminary tests indicate the technology could reduce BABT by 25%. In addition, the HCA insert is lightweight and offers a multi-hit feature.