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And the winner is …



The $1500 Open Minds video competition prize was presented to MaxQ LLC on Friday, March 22 at NCIIA's annual conference.

First place, with 540 votes


Oklahoma State University

A series of multi-use, lightweight, insulated shipping containers with much larger maximum usable volume, higher insulation rating and higher impact resistance than current containers.

First place, with 540 votes.

THANK YOU to all who participated in this year's competition!

Started in 2010, the Open Minds annual video competition allows teams to spread the word about their innovations to a wide range of audiences leading up to and beyond the Open Minds exhibition. This year our distinguished panel of judges selected the top five Open Minds teams based on originality, creativity, and pitch delivery; and you voted for your favorites!

Congratulations to all of our finalists

Second place, with 468 votes


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A platform for using text-messaging technology to survey communities in developing countries via mobile phones.

Second place, with 468 votes.

Third place, with 156 votes

HESE Affordable Greenhouses

Pennsylvania State University

Affordable, easy-to-build greenhouse kits designed for small farmers in Africa.

Third place, with 156 votes.

MAID (Magnetically Assisted Intubation Device)

Georgia Institute of Technology

A device that simplifies the intubation procedure by using a system of magnets to guide the endotracheal tube into the trachea.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A micro-franchised network of low-cost sanitation centers designed specifically for urban slums.

Congratulations to our semifinalists

Assured Safety Drill

Harvard University

A handheld, portable, and reliably safe drilling device that can create holes in the skull with any size drill bit.

AssureFit Chest Tube Stabilization Device

Clemson University

A device designed to increase stability and reduce the risk of dislodgment for chest tube insertions.


Oklahoma State University

A new natural gas fuel storage system that allows more fuel to be stored in a smaller space.


University of Notre Dame

A safe, affordable, permanent housing solution for the developing world consisting of lightweight, earthquake- and hurricane-resistant concrete panels.

Archon Medical

Johns Hopkins University

A device that helps surgeons close the wound created by open abdominal surgery more safely, easily, and consistently.


University of Utah

A more effective solution for ligament and tendon recombination surgeries that prevents tissue from tearing under strain.

Project Gado

Johns Hopkins University

An inexpensive archival scanning robot that can automatically lift fragile images, place them on a scanner, and scan them into a database at full archival-quality resolution.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

An economical and efficient way of removing perchlorate from water in point-of-use treatment units such as pitchers or faucet filters.