Paxton Maeder-York - Harvard University

Paxton Maeder-York is a sophomore at Harvard University and is a candidate for a Bachelors of Science in Biomechanical Engineering. He has had multiple experiences in the biomedical field including at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Research Laboratory as a lab technician working on fixation for the Utah Electrode Array.  He was a member of the MIT FIRST Robotics throughout high school. He is a prolific builder and learner of manufacturing techniques including fiber glassing, welding, CNC Milling, and rapid prototyping. His past work experiences in the Biomechanical field and interests in entrepreneurship and innovation align with the goals of the NCIIA. His ultimate career goal is applying his engineering training to the business world promoting new technology and innovation. He hopes in the years to come to be a leader in the innovation community at Harvard and an effective liaison between students, professors, and entrepreneurs to bring new products to market.