Roland Fomundam - Northeastern University


November 2010

  • Held an Invention to Venture workshop, with 70 attendees.
  • Started a new monthly entrepreneurship speaker series.


Roland is a graduate student in the School of Technological Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. He holds a BS/BA in Biology and Business Administration from Northeastern University as well. Prior to coming to Northeastern University, he attended Bristol Community College in Fall River where he founded the first Science club to promote science awareness on campus. The club also organized science fares, inviting and integrating initiatives from local schools. His entrepreneurial ability started at age 17 when he co founded, Chapman Biomedical, a sales and distribution network of generic medicine to rural clinics and hospitals in Cameroon, W. Africa. He acclaims himself as a youth champion; with a strong believe that today’s challenges can be collectively transformed by the collaboration of youth across the globe.

When not in class, he spends time working for Youth Action Africa, a nonprofit organization he founded with a mission to seek innovative ways to alleviate Africa’s myriad crises of health and poverty. He also enjoys travelling and interacting with diverse populations. This has rewarded him with the knowledge of speaking  up to 7 languages. Besides traveling, Roland enjoys playing soccer, ping pong and being an apprentice at a local golf course.

Roland's vision

Drawing inspirations from Peter Drucker’s assertion that, ‘Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth’, and technology being the catalyst to bond both concepts, entrepreneurs can provide new approaches needed to hasten the process of development and well being of the entire nation.

By combining innovative ideas from individuals and investments from public, private, and civil society organizations, such entrepreneurs can guide complex systems and institutions toward their goals. As a student ambassador for NCIIA, I strive to create a system that will ignite innovative ideas from all disciplines to provide tentative solutions to resolving complex global issues.