Sustainable Vision TeachingLab 2011


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Curricular innovators from the US, Ghana, Peru and Sweden assembled at Colorado State University June 13-17, 2011 for the Sustainable Vision TeachingLab. The National Science Foundation-sponsored event was a hands-on training workshop for university faculty and instructors to develop programs or courses that support students in the process of creating market-based technology solutions for emerging markets. The perspectives, best practices and creativity of the participants, who came from over twenty different institutions and organizations, showed the growing interest and activity in this area and made the workshop a particularly rich event.

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A multidisciplinary facilitation team with many years in the field led the workshop. The facilitators’ experiences provided examples of successful course and program models. These included building robust partnerships both within and outside colleges and universities; employing experiential learning techniques; and involving end-users in the field in every level of product development.

The Sustainable Vision TeachingLab was the first convening of this community of curricular innovators. This founding group will act as a resource to others committed to social innovation and entrepreneurship by establishing best practices and sharing experiences in the field.








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Meeting dates/times
Monday, June 13, 2011, 4:00 pm check in

Friday, June 17, 2011, 10:00 am check out

The Teachers


We're bringing together faculty leaders in the field, with many years’ experience creating and teaching courses and programs, designing technologies and products, and launching ventures in emerging markets:

Amy Smith, Founder of the D-Lab program at MIT

Paul Hudnut, Co-Director of the Global Innovation Center for Energy, Environment and Health at CSU

Anthony Marchese, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University

Paul Polak, Founder of International Development Enterprises

Bryan Willson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CSU

James Barlow, Manager of Outreach at NCIIA