Swapnil Chaturvedi - Northwestern University


November, 2010

  • Started a student-led course in social entrepreneurship.
  • Working on inner-city and community based projects.
  • Organizing an Advanced I2V for June 2011.
  • Applied for an NCIIA Course and Program grant.



Swapnil Chaturvedi is a MS student at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) where his focus is on Management, Sustainable Design and Innovation. Swapnil also has a BS in Electronics Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University. Prior to joining Northwestern University, Swapnil was a Software/Design Engineer in Continental Automotive Systems, where he was involved in the design of advanced telematics systems for Hyundai and Onstar. At Continental, he was also involved in various process improvement activities and was instrumental in the enhancement of laboratory testing methodologies. Swapnil has started two successful micro-credit based businesses in the village of Pipariya, India.

In Summer 2010, Swapnil also started Energy Efficiency enterprise called RIPE Energy Solutions and has already received a grant from Initiative for Sustainability & Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) to perform pilot testing of RIPE’s business model. Swapnil is also working on a Ecological Sanitation business idea to promote private funding in the sanitation facilities in urban areas of developing world. Recently, Swapnil also attended the prestigious Green Technology Entrepreneurship Workshop conducted by UC Davis.

Swapnil's vision

My background and experiences have helped me develop the approach of looking various problems as opportunities. As NCIIA Student Ambassador position I want to motivate and inspire (and be inspired by), collaborate with and enable all others who have entrepreneurial fire burning inside them but have not yet found a way to channel this fire to come up with business ideas/ventures. I have firm belief that innovation is more about connecting than inventing. There is a lot of entrepreneurial activity going on in the Chicago area. As an NCIIA Student Ambassador, I want to bring these (social) entrepreneurs together, to facilitate collaboration which would serve as a catalyst and would reduce time to bring these ideas to market.