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NCIIA grantees among Fast Company's 50 Designers Shaping the Future

Krista Donaldson, D-Rev CEO and Stanford lecturer and Mariana Amatullo, cofounder and vice president of Designmatters at Art Center College of Design were named two of the 50 most influential designers "pushing the boundaries of their discipline into promising new directions."

Donaldson and Amatullo are both past recipients of NCIIA E-Team and Course & Program Grants. Amatullo and her students at Designmatters are responsible for the GiraDora, a manually powered washing machine designed to address issues related to water poverty and a notable entry in Fast Company's 2012 Innovation by Design Awards.

Read the article in Fast Company.

Fast Company features NCIIA women grantees

Women inventors are thin on the ground in the US. In her latest blog, Fast Company's  Alice Korngold investigates how young women start inventing. She came to NCIIA to learn more, and spoke to two successful, entreprenurial NCIIA inventors: Patricia Compas, co-inventor of the DayOne Waterbag™ and founder of DayOne Response, Inc. , and Teresita Cochran, co-founder of Solar Ivy, which designs and sells a unique solar panel system resembling ivy for building fascades.



Licensing deal takes Brilliance's neonatal jaundice treatment to India

Fast Company report on a 2009 NCIIA Sustainable Vision team from Stanford University...

Working with D-Rev, a nonprofit technology incubator based in Palo Alto, the Enabling Effective Management of Neonatal Jaundice in Rural India team signed a licensing agreement with Chennai, India-based Phoenix Medical Systems Private Ltd for the manufacturing and distribution of Brilliance, a novel phototherapy device that enables the treatment of severe neonatal jaundice in low-resource hospitals.




Fast Company's view of NCIIA and three great student companies!

Fast Company's expert blogger, Alice Korngold, came to us and our funder, The Lemelson Foundation, looking to explore how companies emerge from university environments. Read her perspective on NCIIA's 'company development' model and three student-led companies that we've supported.


GoodGuide 47th most innovative company in the US

GoodGuide, a 2006 Sustainable Vision grantee, has been ranked as the 47th most innovative company in the US by innovation magazine Fast Company. GoodGuide, founded by Dara O'Rourke at UC-Berkeley, provides health, environmental and social ratings for over 75,000 consumer products. By making such data available to consumers (at point of sale), GoodGuide has the potential to influence manufacturers towards creating safer, healthier products, says Fast Company.

Previously, GoodGuide was named by Time Magazine in 2009 as one of its ideas changing the world. Read more about GoodGuide.

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