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Socialite, Greenlight Planet and others featured in The Economist story on solar lighting

Two NCIIA E-Teams, Greenlight Planet and Socialite, were recently featured in a story in The Economist focused on solar lighting for the poor. Greenlight Planet is selling its solar-charged, battery-powered LED lantern, the Sun King, in China, India and Africa. Cooper Union has been working with rural communities in northern Ghana on a solar lantern project since 2006.

Former E-team Greenlight Planet wins solar awards

Former E-Team Greenlight Planet, which designs and sells solar lanterns, has won two important awards.

In June, Greenlight Planet's our flagship product, the Sun King lantern (an NCIIA E-Team Grant brainchild), was recognized by the World Bank/IFC "Lighting Africa" Program as best solar task light on the market.

In early July, Greenlight Planet's new product, the Sun King Hero, a solar lantern with built-in cell phone charger, won the "Solar For All" Design Contest. This carried with it a $250,000 prize.

According to Patrick Walsh, one of the original E-Team members who now represents the company in China, "We have really assembled a killer combination of innovative technology and in-house distribution networks - having both competencies in one company is pretty uncommon. We're planning to grow very quickly. And we have NCIIA to thank!"

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