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Relay Technology Management, Inc.

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Relay Technology Management, Inc. is developing the Innovation Engine, a web-based analytics approach to identifying promising drug candidates from academic research institutions and early-stage biotechnology companies. The engine draws on sophisticated algorithms to analyze multiple aspects of early-stage technologies, including publications, clinical trial data, intellectual property, and commercial potential.

The software has the potential to make the technology transfer process from academia to industry in the bio and pharma space more efficient.

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Relay Technology Management, Inc.

Tufts University, 2010 - $18,000

This E-Team is developing software to make the technology transfer process from academia to industry in the bio and pharma space more efficient. Calling themselves Relay Technology Management, the team is developing software that provides industry in-licensing and corporate strategy groups with competitive intelligence on specific research happening inside universities, and also enables university technology transfer offices to manage their IP portfolios and market the right technologies to the right industry partners.

Specifically, the software will: 1) enable faculty members to enter invention disclosures in a secure, online system; 2) generate an actionable report to the technology transfer office; and 3) market the opportunity to the right industry partner based on licensing needs and sponsored research initiatives.

The business model will be based on a subscription fee to industry partners. The product will be marketed to companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, chemical, physical and clean technology industries. Large players in this space have already confirmed a need for such a service, and have begun pre-ordering subscriptions.


Relay Technology Management launched Business Development Live, a unified, realā€time data visualization, comparative asset analysis and tracking platform for the life sciences industry (May 2012).

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