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Industrial Assessment Software Development

Carthage College, 1998 - $6,506

This E-Team is modifying an existing business assessment tool that enables businesses to assess their capability to meet ISO9000 standards. The tool is inexpensive, easy to use, and available for use in small to medium-sized businesses. The software allows the user to calculate a 'score' that represents the performance of various business elements against international standards using ISO9000 parameters. NIST developed this assessment tool with the intent of improving the competitiveness of US businesses.

The E-Team plans to develop its own small business while further helping other small businesses through its products. The team will work with the company Acumen to develop a plan to market the product to local businesses. The team is funded to develop a product design and create the necessary software, conduct beta testing, and implement a full-scale system. They will develop a marketing plan for the product, create a list of potential customers, and prepare a detailed business plan.

The students are business majors enrolled in the ScienceWorks: Entrepreneurial Studies in Natural Science Program. Combining their skills, interest, and education in business and technology with the career and entrepreneurship training in ScienceWorks, they decided to launch a new software-based business development venture.

Entrepreneurial Studies in the Natural Sciences

University of Massachusetts Amherst

To meet the growing need for business skills in technically-trained individuals, Carthage College founded the Entrepreneurial Studies in Natural Science (ESNS) program, an integrated undergraduate program in technical entrepreneurship. The ESNS Program begins with a one-year course covering a range of materials including: accounting and marketing; intellectual property and regulation; personnel management; communications and presentation skills; international business issues; information retrieval and organization; creativity; and an overview of technical careers.

Following the initial course work, students participate in a hands-on internship to prepare them for their senior technology business project. NCIIA funding allows ESNS to integrate E-Teams into the year-long course, by modifying the course work activities, re-ordering and supplementing topics, and reformatting the entire second semester curriculum to shift from individual to team projects. This class was developed with support from a Planning grant in the March 1996 cycle.

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