university of rhode island

Automated Page-Turner

University of Rhode Island, 2004 - $10,000

This E-Team developed a single-switch automated page-turner designed to aid people lacking manual strength and dexterity in reading a hardcover book. The device is user-friendly, single-switch activated, affordable, reversible, lightweight, portable and easy to load, utilizing a washable and renewable commercially available adhesive.

Mechanical Systems Design

Dartmouth College - $13700.00

This grant supports the incorporation of innovative and entrepreneurship activities into the senior level Mechanical Systems Design course at the University of Rhode Island. The new course format splits the class into groups of four each plus a member from the Business School at URI. Each group works in the fall semester on one of several different, product-orientated design projects. The students are asked to perform a patent search, critique related products, prepare a marketing study, propose a design of this product, and realize their design using a 3-D solid-modeling software. At the end of the fall semester, groups compete for funding for activities in the following spring term that include building prototypes of their design, formulating business plans for commercialization, and applying for patent protection. The new format gives students better understanding and exposure to the entrepreneurial process of the product design and innovation
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