University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts, 2000 - $7,300

This E-Team developed a web-based electronic community guide. The team prototyped sites in their local area and created a system that can be readily transferred to suburban and rural communities in partnership with a small local newspaper. The community guide uses an advertising and sponsorship revenue model that brings in revenues from an early stage. The project won second prize in a local business plan competition and operated a prototype system in several local communities for some time. In one location, the site had a very high usage rate (2,200 hits/week from a community or 4,400).

University of Massachusetts, 1998 - $15,569

The team designed a product to allow participants to engage in a web-based role-playing exercise simulating the presidential election process. The product is a sophisticated database with a web interface that serves as an entertaining and educational simulation, to be used by political science courses and high school civics classes. It would help educators teach about the election process by enabling students to model elections online and manipulate a variety of factors and inputs.

The team was comprised of three graduate students and two undergraduate seniors in the Political Science Department. The team had faculty advisors specializing in political science, electrical engineering, marketing, and computing.

Flashback Lighting System

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 2006 - $18,000

This grant supported the development of Flashback, a device that shines light on the back of a bicycle rider during low light conditions. The device, which extends several inches behind the rider using a sturdy tube connected to the bicycle seat post, consists of a small plastic housing embedded with super-bright light-emitting diodes. The diodes are powered by a small battery pack attached to the base of the device.

The team developed a working prototype and tested it at night, showing it to be much brighter than the standard bike reflector.
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