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Stanford's 'Endurance Rhythm' team launches startup company


Over the past two years, the Endurance Rhythm team, an E-team out of Stanford University, has worked on patenting a micro-generator for electronic implants of the heart.

While in the phases of developing its technology for powering implantable medical devices, the team has launched a new startup company, Endurance Rhythm Inc, for its device.

“Although the grant has ended,” said project primary investigator Paul Wang, “The project is continuing. The grant helped demonstrate proof of principle and ready our project for investment/partnership, which we are continuing to very actively seek. The grant was incredibly helpful and an amazing help for our team.”

Learn more about Endurance Rhythm, Inc. Read about the micro-generator.

Endurance Rhythm

Stanford University, 2008 - $16,700

Every year, 10-20% of all pacemaker and implantable cardiac device (ICD) surgeries are replacements: the batteries fail, necessitating replacement of the entire device. This is an extra expense and surgical risk that could be avoided if the batteries lasted longer. To that end, this E-Team is developing a microgenerator consisting of a moving magnet and coil located within the tips of existing pacemakers' wire leads attached to the heart wall. The device will harvest the energy generated by the movement of the wall when the heart beats, thereby extending the life of the battery.

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