Creating a company - Eben Bayer on the evolution of Ecovative Design

We uncovered this video featuring Eben Bayer of former E-team Ecovative Design. He provides a great insight into his technology and company, and the benefits of green packaging compared to plastics. Bear in mind NCIIA provided Ecovative with its first external funding only four years ago...

NPR highlights Ecovative Design as one of the year's coolest innovations

In his latest look at the year's coolest inventions, NPR's Guy Raz interviews Eben Bayer of Ecovative Design, a 2007 NCIIA E-Team. Listen to the interview or read the transcript... Some key takeways: Greensulate and Ecocradle perform as well as synthetic products, but require a fraction of the energy to produce; Greensulate and Ecocradle are formed from natural materials and processes (so, waste packaging should end up in your compost bin, not a landfill); while you could eat Greensulate, it wouldn't taste good. 

Update: More kudos for Ecovative: 'One to watch' as noted by Popular Science.



'It's Greensulate' - CSI-NY goes high tech; features Ecovative Design!

Product placement at its best. CSI-NY's latest episode has gone high-tech, featuring Ecovative Design's Greensulate as a critical clue, complete with burning test. View it here, fast forward to 25:20 (we think the show should have cast Eben as the lab technician)!

Greensulate (Ecovative)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2007 - $15,815

Household energy use accounts for one-fifth of the total energy consumed annually in the US. Better insulation would lead to a reduction in energy consumption, but today's most popular forms of insulation have significant drawbacks in the form of health risks, high cost, and large environmental footprints.

This E-Team developed Greensulate, an environmentally friendly home insulation material. Greensulate is a composite board made up of insulating particles suspended in a matrix of mycelium-growth-stage mushroom cells. This mushroom-based insulation is biodegradable, low cost, produces no pollution in the manufacturing process, and insulates as well as competing products.

They've since focused on developing and selling Ecocradle, a green alternative to polystyrene/Styrofoam packaging.

Update: the team is now incorporated as Ecovative Design. The company won 500,000 euros at Picnic Green Challenge 2008, the world's premier green ideas conference, in Amsterdam, received SBIR Phase I funding from the EPA, and won the DoE's Renewable Energy Laboratory's Clean Energy Venture Awards. Click here to visit their website.


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