Grow (Solar Ivy) named New York Times 'Idea of 2009'

We're happy to see 2007 E-Team Grow (Solar Ivy) recognized by the New York Times in its 'Ideas of 2009' issue. Read more about this innovative approach to capturing solar energy.



Focus on GROW continues

The GROW Solar Ivy phenomenon continues! Fox's 'Start-Up Summer' show features GROW inventors and founders Teresita and Samuel Cochran.

Watch the interview here. 


Pratt Design Incubator - SMIT (Solar Ivy)

Pratt Institute, 2006 - $14,700

This E-Team is developing Solar Ivy, a solar panel designed to resemble ivy vines. Solar Ivy consists of flexible photovoltaic foil molded to look like ivy and piezoelectric generators acting as leaves. The foil produces solar energy. The team, the first to come out of Pratt Institute's Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology (SMIT) group, has partnered with a solar foil manufacturer, DayStar Technologies, and a piezoelectric manufacturer, Face International. The team intends the product to be an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard solar panels, and plan to target multiple markets, including commercial, residential, and the developed and developing worlds.


Since 2011, Solar Ivy has focusing on developing and commercializing its Solar Ivy product.

In 2009, SMIT exhibited Solar Ivy at the MoMa Exhibition: Design and the Elastic Mind, and Design Philadelphia, where they were commissioned to outfit a bus stop in solar ivy. People who were waiting for the bus could simply plug in their cell phone to charge their battery. Solar Ivy has been featured in a number of magazines and was a concept design for a five-star luxury hotel in Zayed Bay, Abu Dhabi. Most recently, SMIT exhibited Solar Ivy at Dwell on Design for the Designboom Kitchen Ecology: Recipes for Good Design.

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