Trevor Owens


November 2012

November 2010:

  • Organized an Invention to Venture workshop on September 25, with 50 attendees and a keynote address by Sam Cochran, CEO of NCIIA grantee company Solar Ivy.
  • Held a week-long Tech@NYU event to raise awareness of student innovation on campus.
  • Applying for an NCIIA Course and Program grant to help establish a living space for freshman intersted in entrepreneurship.


Trevor is a senior at NYU studying Finance & International Business. Last year, he took a class called Ready, FIRE!, Aim, taught by Larry Lenihan, and adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at NYU and the CEO of FirstMark Capital. Larry was such an inspiring teacher that after his class ended Trevor went off looking for other students that he could work with and had different skills. This didn't work out so well. The process was so painful and difficult that he decided to start a club called Tech@NYU to help students  meet each other. Their goal was, and still is, to be multi-disciplinary and include faculty and students from different programs that would otherwise never interact. Trevor got Tech@NYU off the ground by planning 5 events in 1 week and calling it NYU Startup Week. He asked a couple faculty members that were his  mentors to come on as advisors, and invited a bunch of friends who were interested in tech to join as officers. After that was over the group continued planning events into the summer and just last week (first week of October, 2010) held the second NYU Startup Week.

Trevor's vision

My vision is to bridge the gap between the different programs at NYU and to use NCIIA's resources to help students gain traction with their ventures. NCIIA has been working with student teams for fifteen years and is great at helping them transition from an idea and a few good people to a business and a commitment. It also adds a lot of credibility to NYU and Tech@NYU to be supported NCIIA, it's great working with Humera Fasihuddin and James Barlow.