Stage 1 and Stage 2 training workshops

For E-Team Program Participants!

The E1 and E2 training workshops are based on NCIIA's successful VentureLab program: an intensive, highly experiential and immersive workshop designed to enhance the success of your venture. Participants develop strong, sustainable business models that create products or services with a social benefit.

At the training workshops you'll have the space to think and explore within a dynamic environment that will help you evolve your business strategy, sales channels, marketing, and financial mechanics of your venture, with support from people who have been there and done it themselves.

Stage 1 E-Teams attend E1 training.  During this three-day, intensive workshop, teams will focus on identifying and understanding their market, be introduced to strategy mapping and create their milestones list to be included with their E2 grant proposal.

Stage 2 E-Teams attend E2 training. During this three-day, intensive workshop, teams focus on developing a robust action plan with milestones and operational core goals based on deep and extensive strategy mapping.

Who should attend E1 and E2 training?

The training workshops are required for all E-Team Program participants. 

What are the next steps after E2?

E-Team Program participants take part in six tactical coaching sessions (details TBA.)

Read what some participants have said about the workshop:

"(The workshop) definitely took me a bit out of my comfort zone and gave me a broader perspective. It was an intense and valuable experience!"

"Excellent instructor! I really appreciated the structure of the workshop- how exercises were broken down into small, entertaining, manageable bits-- leaving very little chance for boredom or monotony to arise. The content/ psychological elements involved when looking in depth at all possible angles of your business plan-- goes deeper than what I might have expected from this type of workshop. I am coming away with a much more confident grasp on all elements that need consideration- and now I feel like I have the tools and overview to really do much more research and efficient planning. A +++!!" - 2011 VentureLab participant

"(The workshop) provided the time, tools and resources necessary to analyze, critique and share our venture. It was an intense and rewarding experience from which our venture and implementation plan has been strengthened significantly. While our plan has not drastically changed, we were able to think about the venture from new perspectives which provided valuable insight as to how we could address possible problems, develop a stronger business plan, and develop alternative methods of implementation." - 2011 VentureLab participant

"How would I describe the (workshop)? No amount of adjectives could ever do it justice but here are a few I would use: exciting, exhausting, inspiring, humbling, challenging. hilarious, risqué, refreshing, and so much more. The (workshop) is something you have to experience before you can really understand its worth. Not only do you come away with a better understanding of your venture and its place in the market, but also new skills, contacts and even friendships. The instructors are fantastic and it's a chance to mingle with the best and brightest of your peers. I would recommend it to any budding entrepreneur, it's a must." —2010 VentureLab participant

VentureLab in the Press

Back to School for Business Founders by Ian Sanders, Financial Times, September 2012

Understanding the Human Element of Startups: Inside NCIIA's VentureLab by participant Maxime Pinto, Xconomy, September 2011


About the Instructor

James Barlow has worked in the university entrepreneurship space for seven years and has been commercial advisor or commercial director for sixteen start-ups as well as consulting internationally on start-up strategy, enterprise education and training.

Prior to working in higher education, James was a performance coach, motivational speaker and strategy consultant for FTSE-listed companies and also worked in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and sales management. He earned his BSc Honours Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Kent. 

James is currently the Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Tufts University's Gordon Institute.